d I and Xiao Li s boss, you can also say that you change the professional to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, PMI Certification Mike and I follow you dry, if that makes you feel comfortable, then we just established , I am a person is not turn. Li said This part of the feeling you feel like the dragon group like, can stimulate the criminal team than it Qi Fei seriously said than in the Interpol team is definitely to stimulate a little, the corresponding will be very dangerous, you think about it. Wang Honglu then received a phone call, his expression also will become very exciting, hung up the PMP phone after he summed up the phone content received a mass report, saying the door and the door large scale fights, has been sent to the hospital tw.enty Odd, all the injured people are a head, that is to say they labeled the other party did not hang a color, interrogation of these bully they would not say who did it. Qi Fei pondering for a moment, patted the chair back That please you, let s go PMP it exam and see.... All this happened, Wang Jinghu slowly into the two years did not return to the Tiezhan

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PMP Project Management Professional PMI PMP